Weight loss with SLIM & SASSY

dōTERRA®’s Slim & Sassy line of products encourages overall health and wellness through the attainment and maintenance of healthy body weight.


Take advantage of a wide range of benefits by incorporating the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend, Trim Shake, and our premier line of supplements into your lifestyle!


" I am a big fan of Slim & Sassy. Slim & Sassy gives me energy during my workouts, decreases my cravings for sweets, and revs up my metabolism all day long. I have fallen in love with this little bottle of oil and so has everyone else I share it with! I am just now starting to rub it on my “trouble areas” after my morning shower. As I prepared for Mrs. Utah America, this was the ticket to take off those last few stubborn pounds. I looked and felt my best! I even won the swimsuit competition! Slim & Sassy is my new best friend!"

Carol Ann Guest, Mrs. Utah America 2011



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