Aromapraxis IN.NATURA. - Balance your Health

Our health consists on a diversity of components.


We try to eat healthy, we exercise in a diversified way and we acknowledge a certain recovery for our soul and our mind.


"What we do know is a drop, what we do not know - is a ocean.", so Isaac Newton.


  • We do not know the reaction in our body of the nutrition that we ingest every day.
  • We do not know which consequences the chemical reagent do have that we consume. 
  • We do not know the daily procedures in our body.
  • We do not know if we do enough for our well-being.

We do not know because we are not able to feel it.

We will first know when our body starts to whistle or will be even sick.


Is it necessary to be advised ? Or could we act preventively ? We can !


doTERRA donates a pure natural possibility of prevention as well as for the instant moment to assist our body with pure botanical essences of the plants.


  • We are able to prevent our body with the necessary vitamins, acids and enzyme on a daily base .
  • We are ablte to support our body in the regeneration of healty somatic cells. 
  • We are able to support our body in the common disorders like a cold, allergies, headdache, rheumatism and many more. 
  • We are able to indulge our soul & our mind.


Our health is in our hands by taking the control of what we do give to our body to get, be and remain healthy.


Please enjoy your discovery of the wonderful doTERRA products on the following pages.


Your decission for your health. 


Michelle Ternedde - IN.NATURA.